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Supercharge Your Dental Implant Coordinator

Key Takeaways

  • Investment in Dental Implant Coordinators (DICs) is critical to maximize your stake in the growing implant business becoming available.
  • Great DICs require specialized training and investment, making this position even more valuable in your practice.
  • Patient education, communication profiling, commitments, and consistency are all required to create a successful dental implant practice, and automating these elements is the key to efficiency.

The global dental implant market is expected to grow from $4.12 billion in 2022 to $6.34 billion by 2029 (Fortune Business Insights). If your practice isn’t preparing to take a sizable portion of that business in your community, expect to be eclipsed by your competitors.

How can you prepare for this growth? Most practices see an investment in marketing as the number one priority to drive growth. And while this may be a step in the right direction, if you don’t have the right systems and people in place to manage the influx of inquiries, you’ll be leaving valuable advertising dollars on the table and leaving your practice vulnerable to bad reviews from dissatisfied patients and a poor reputation in the market.

The number one investment you can make for your dental implant practice is in your team, specifically your Dental Implant Coordinator. Having a strong DIC that can help you close cases and coordinate the restoration across your care teams is essential to growth.

What makes a great Dental Implant Coordinator?

The most successful Dental Implant Coordinators possess the following three traits:

  • They are experts in implants.
  • They have a foundation of prosthetic knowledge and are a resource to your referrals.
  • They have a consultative sales mentality.

(Implant Practice US)

Building each of these skills requires specialized training and investment, making this position even more valuable in your practice AND making it harder to find the right candidates to grow your team as your implant business grows.

What if you could clone your Dental Implant Coordinator quickly and easily, without taking years to build their knowledge and skills?

Supercharging Your Dental Implant Coordinator

We have a confession: we haven’t mastered the art of cloning yet (we’ll tell you when we do, because it will be huge!).

What we have mastered is patient engagement, and understanding what drives patients to accept treatment. If you can arm your DIC with the right tools to do this, they’ll be highly successful in converting implant cases quickly!

Here are the 3 areas where you should consider investing to arm your DIC team for success:

  • Patient Education: Knowledge is power! The more you pre-educate your patients before their implant consults, the more they’ll feel confident choosing your practice for treatment. Look for tools that allow you to serve up education throughout the implant process to lower the amount of time your DIC spends answering patient questions.
  • Communication Profiling: Every person communicates differently. Some are direct and to the point, while others analyze all the information at hand. Training your team to understand each patient’s unique communication style and adjust their sales tactics to meet them where they are is critical to getting patients to say “yes” to implants.
  • Commitment & Consistency: Saying “yes” is just the first step. Now, DICs need to show the practice is committed to providing the same outstanding experience at every step of the treatment pathway, from surgery to recovery and beyond. Focus on creating a concierge experience and providing as much face time as possible, whether it be in person or via video.

Get Started Today

You may be thinking, “this all takes lots of training and time,” BUT it doesn’t have to with the right tools in place to automate these processes for you. That’s where WUWTA comes in.

WUWTA is designed to help you automate an entire sales and engagement system right out of your PM software AND help you create more efficiency for your entire team.

Find out how WUWTA can help you clone your Dental Implant Coordinator today by completing the form to experience it for yourself!

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