WUWTA—Enhanced Communication for Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgeons choose WUWTA—a patient engagement platform—to enhance patient communication and produce better experiences and outcomes.

  • Reach patients where they’re at
  • Automate patient messaging
  • High-quality concierge experience
  • Save your staff time
  • Maintain HIPAA compliance
  • See better treatment outcomes

Superior Patient Communication for Plastic Surgery Practices

Effective communication is essential for plastic surgeons to deliver successful and positive treatment outcomes. WUWTA enhances the way your practice communicates by creating a high-quality concierge experience for your clientele. Many patients undergoing plastic surgery return for repeat treatment, which creates a need for ongoing engagement to keep them coming back to your practice. With automated messages and custom content relevant to each patients’ treatment, WUWTA keeps your clientele engaged and coming back.

Integrating WUWTA into your practice is a seamless process, and other providers who have powered their practice with WUWTA have seen a 226% increase in patient communication after integration is complete. Whereas most healthcare communication platforms deliver messages, WUWTA is a patient engagement platform that will deliver better patients and treatment outcomes to your plastic surgery practice.

Experience WUWTA Firsthand

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I communicate with patients better using WUWTA?

The way patients want to receive information regarding their care has changed. They don’t want to receive phone calls or boiler-plate messages. WUWTA takes the conversation directly to them with digital messages that are customized to their care. Your staff won’t have to spend hours of their day calling patients to set up appointments or manually send them treatment information at every step. Instead, WUWTA schedules and communicates with patients automatically, and will deliver everything your patients need to know directly to them.

2. Can I customize the automated messages? 

Absolutely! You can tailor the entire message flow and content at any time. Your staff can choose templates to send, then customize the template to include details about the patient and their journey. For example, if you have a patient undergoing rhinoplasty, you can send them information specific to the rhinoplasty procedure and special instructions for their recovery. You can even pair your text messages with custom videos to provide helpful and engaging visuals.

Custom messages will create the upscale experience you want to provide to your patients, and will inform a rhinoplasty patient about other aesthetic treatments to maintain long-term results. Providing patients with information beyond one procedure creates a continuum of care that engages patients more with your brand, creating better results for them and more business for you.

3. How will WUWTA benefit my patients? 

WUWTA empowers patients to be more engaged with their care. Patients who can see you talk about your practice and your services through videos feel more connected with you, and they begin building a meaningful relationship before they step foot into your office. With WUWTA, you meet patients where they’re at with digital and personalized communication.

A patient about to undergo liposuction should know exactly what to expect and how to prepare for surgery and recovery. By sending them specific treatment information digitally, you allow patients to engage with that information in a format they prefer while feeling like they’re getting a more personalized experience. Patients are more engaged with the information, establish a better relationship with their provider, and achieve better outcomes.

4. What information can I send to patients through WUWTA?

You can send patients any information they should know. That includes automated appointment reminders, instructions before and after treatment, information about their procedure and what to expect, video messages that outline procedure details or information about your team, requests to leave reviews about their experience, and custom text messages at any point. The texts and videos you send a patient undergoing a facelift, for example, will look different than ones sent to a patient undergoing breast augmentation. From the way a patient should prepare for treatment to the recovery steps, your patients and their pathways are unique—the information you send them should be, too!