WUWTA—Enhanced Communication for Oral Surgeons

WUWTA is a patient engagement platform that will enhance the way your oral surgery practice communicates with patients, resulting in better experiences and treatment outcomes.

  • Create more informed patients
  • Increase staff efficiency
  • Better treatment outcomes
  • Build stronger patient-provider relationships
  • Reduce misinformation or complications
  • Generate more reviews

The Key to Effective Patient Communication for Oral Surgeons

Oral surgery practices that consistently engage with their patients see more informed patients, more efficiency throughout their office, and better results overall. With WUWTA, your practice can communicate directly to patients via custom messages—including call, text, email, and video chat—delivering the information they need at every touchpoint throughout the patient pathway. Integrating WUWTA into your practice is a seamless process, and by choosing an advanced engagement platform that works for you and your patients, you can join other practices that see a 266% increase in patient communication after integration is complete. From a robust patient messaging flow to custom texts and appointment reminders, WUWTA is revolutionizing healthcare communication to create a better experience for you and your patients.

Experience WUWTA Firsthand

Complete the form to request a 30-minute presentation. Afterward, you’ll receive a personalized WUWTA message that shows the experience you can create for your patients.

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Why WUWTA Works

Your patients don’t want more communication, they want better communication. At WUWTA, we designed an engagement platform so you can communicate better. Practices who switch to WUWTA are able to keep patients engaged throughout every step of treatment and tailor their care to fit their exact needs. WUWTA sends texts and videos to your patients automatically, and your staff has the power to customize messages to provide patients with a more personalized experience. By sending patients custom video content, you can share information while helping them feel like they’re getting more one-on-one time with you (without taking more of your time). Your staff will spend less time making phone calls and your patients receive information the way they want it. That’s how WUWTA helps you win.


“Since we started WUWTA, our office has never been as busy as it has in the last 22 years. WUWTA has had a dramatic influence on that case load acceptance.”

Nestor Karas, DMD, MD
Muir Oral, Facial, & Dental Implant Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I send appointment reminders and care instructions with WUWTA?

You can send all the information your patients need via text or email. That includes confirmation appointment texts, pre- and post-operative instructions, requests to leave reviews, and more. WUWTA also allows you to send custom video messages to your patients in addition to texts. Your patients can watch you talk about your practice and services, view informative and engaging animations of anything from wisdom teeth removal to dental implant placement, and feel like they’re getting more one-on-one time with their provider. Video and text messages are sent out precisely when the patient reaches that step in their oral surgery treatment, ensuring they receive the right information right when they need it.

2. How does WUWTA measure patient engagement?

WUWTA collects data on how your patients are engaging with the messages you send, then organizes it so you can quickly and easily measure overall engagement. After you send procedure or instruction videos to a patient, WUWTA will monitor when the patient stopped watching the video and how often it was clicked on. This tells you how engaged patients are with your content, so you can tailor appointments to meet their specific needs. If a patient who is about to undergo jaw surgery doesn’t open your messages or watch your videos, you can expect them to have more questions and can anticipate longer appointments. When you know how much or how little patients interact with your content, you can make improvements to your overall messaging strategy to maximize patient engagement.

3. Is WUWTA compatible with video messages? 

Yes! Videos are an incredibly effective way to relay information to patients, and a study by Insivia found that viewers retain 95% of information from watching a video. WUWTA makes it easy to deliver these information-rich messages straight to your patients automatically.

After WUWTA integrates with your oral surgery practice’s management system, you have the capability to send patients custom video messages timed exactly with where they’re at during their treatment. You can send videos about you, your staff, your procedures, surgical instructions, and more. With WUWTA, you can weave videos into your message flow seamlessly to create more informed and engaged patients.

4. How does WUWTA integrate into my practice? 

WUWTA integrates seamlessly with major oral surgery practice management systems, including DSN and Carestream Dental. You have the full support of our team, and we make it simple and easy to start using WUWTA at your practice.